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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 1, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. >>eddie is my way of taking back my life. >>southern california man has filed a lawsuit against all california bishops is hoping it will push church officials to release the names of alleged abusers and provide more documents on offenders all most of the states dioceses have made their public had made there a list of names public. the archdiocese of san francisco is one of just a few that have not. >>good evening. i'm can way and i pay a more of the san francisco archdiocese is named in a lawsuit along with 10 other dioceses and the california catholic
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conference. well for snow al bello joins us live with more on the judge's recent ruling in this case. noel. >>you may remember the name tom and then as he actually came here to san francisco back in october to announce this public a nuisance lawsuit and it is alleged is that he was abused by a priest when he was 11 years old, but that priest name has not popped up on any of the lists that diocese have released so far. now this is a very personal lawsuit for emmons a but he's hopeful that the results will help all victims. >>there are victory i think for us would be. >>you no problem. we have for the position of all the to find out what they knew when they knew it tom evans and his attorneys are cautiously optimistic after a los angeles judge recently ruled a portion of their lawsuit could proceed it is like i said on chartered legal. >>territory her and now. but i
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trust the process i trust the process i mean, but in what we can but we're going to so much terry. >>and then lawsuit aims to release not only the names but the documented histories on all clerical offenders in each diocese in california. i believe it is it's the just. >>cause i believe it's a of note and of 4th to the public to be aware of. >>after the defendants tried to get the case thrown out citing free speech the judge did dismiss part of a lawsuit but she left some of the claims open to further proceedings saying quote making affirmative representations of the fitness of priests for assignments while concealing information regarding the sexually misconduct of those priests is not an issue of free speech, but an issue of a false speech at the very least i think the public has a right to. >>no. what it is information in those files and that their kids are safe. and without this law so i think we could go on for years and years and
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years. >>never know the truth the archdiocese of san francisco is among the last few of the california diocese to withhold names of accused clergy members. officials said wednesday there independent analysis of over 4,000 files. it's not yet complete. >>this is our opportunity to to serve to get to the bottom of it and maybe feel for once in your life here in control of them. >>now and ends of the attorneys that he is working with have a long history of suing thecatholic church across the country they%even released their own report that lis, 135 names of accused clergy members here in the archdiocese of san francisco now and says he's not suing for money adjust the full transparency that he feels the victims are owed their next court date is may 30 s live in san francisco while bellow kron 4 news. thank you noel.
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>>the family of a bay area man who died in a car crash is suing tesla the wrongful death lawsuit blames a man's death on a driver assist navigation system that failed kron four sistine waltman has details on the lawsuit that the victim's family believes is necessary to prevent another tragedy. >>walter hong had just dropped off his 2 kids at school and was headed to his job as an engineer at apple that is what will using the driver assist feature his 2017 tesla model x suv slammed into a barrier on one oh one in mount view and caught fire. the 47 year-old died at the hospital there autopilot. >>killed mister wong and that's why why they are being sued. >>almost a year after the crash. his widow has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against tesla claiming the auto pilot system caused the crash saying the automaker was negligent and careless and their design manufacture testing marketing sales and
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maintenance of the 2017 tesla model x attorney mark fall also pointed to a national transportation safety board report on the accident. >>that showed the sla speed increased by 10 miles per hour. and there was no breaking right before impact. the lawsuit also blames caltrans for not maintaining the highway because 11 days before a crash in the same spot compromise the barrier and cruz did not fix it. >>had that barrier been in place and functioning as it should have been and according to caltrans his own. policies and procedures walter you know be alive today walters family wants the lawsuit to make sure that a tragedy like theirs. >>does not happen to another family. you know beta test with live people. >>and we feel that's happened here and that's something that should not have been done. >>we reached out to both tesla and caltrans but both declined to comment citing pending
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litigation in san francisco. i'm justin waldman on for news. >>the all-clear was given it also high school after a bomb threat was posted online police were notified of the thread about 12 45 this afternoon, the campus was evacuated as investigators searched. district officials say the school was the target of an online bomb threat but did not give specifics. we talked to one student who says his mother knew about the threat before the school tpadministrators said anything. >>he says are you ok ok and i was like. happen. sykes is acting like panicking as the. now i she is about that just go they said they're evacuating the eyes right now. so light, i'm in class light on the light. they for them. just like obama the school's online saying that the wind is light. my tee online is a bomb here as a maybe like kind of says mrs. >>the teenager says the fire alarm went off moments later man students and staff evacuated to the football field. the school was cleared at about 2.30 students were
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sent home in after school activities were canceled. and threatening graffiti was found that california high school in san ramon today, the threat was found in a boy's restroom on campus just after 1130. the graffiti said quote cal will be shot up 5, 9 final warning may 9 says next thursday police say they will be increasing security on that campus. >>sales for ceo marc benioff and his wife are donating another large portion of their personal fortune to try to help fight homelessness the $30 million will help fund a 5 year study led by ucsf ron force morning kelly talked to one of the lead doctors on this ambitious project she claims that this study hum like many could produce result right away. >>this is different and now 5 years write it up in a medical journal kind of study this is really getting answers quickly. doctor margo coup show from ucsf center for vulnerable populations will
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head up the new initiative. she says the million donation from sales for ceo marc benioff is an investment in helping them tackle a crisis that has vexed city leaders for decades, how to stop the seemingly never ending problem of homelessness the study is going to dig deep into what we think we know and what we don't know about why people end up homeless and what works and doesn't work in getting them off the streets we really want to be able to target their resources with sort of laser like focus, so that we are doing what people need to keep them from becoming homeless and to get them out of homelessness if they become homeless as quickly as possible to have that response be terrible have people remain has forever get back on their feet as quickly as possible thr idea is to help city state and federal agencies. >>spend money more effectively and to do that they're looking to test diffeeent ideas perhaps fund some pilot projects to try some new and novel things and then to
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really do rigorous evaluation to really say what works what doesn't work what needs to be panded who should be expanded for she says ucsf is leading the charge because living on the streets has such a devastating effect on people's health. there is no medicine as powerful as housing, the director of the ucsf benioff homelessness and housing initiative says the study will kick off june 1st and last 5 years. but she says she expects the first of many results to come back as early as this fall. maureen kelly from 4 needs. >>while the money that mark benny a pledge today is to study homelessness the city of san francisco is already spending a fortune on that very problem for us dan kerman which city hall to learn just how much the city is spending already on homeless as son. why doesn't seem to be working. >>right now the city of san francisco budgets about million a year for the homeless. the bulk of that money or 65% goes towards permanent affordable housing.
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many with supportive services we have 9,000 folks on any given night who are formerly homeless. >>who we're housing and keeping house. every night. another 18% is earmarked for navigation centers, shelters, and homeless outreach. >>still with all that money being spent on any given day there remains at least 7500 people on san francisco streets and that number is holding steady because people are becoming homeless at a faster rate than existing homeless people are being moved into housing. >>in san francisco. our data shows that we exit 50 people from homelessness every week through all of our various exit programs and a 150 people are newly homeless every week say city officials say one of the goals moving forward is to create safety nets. so people don't fall into homelessness yes we need more permanent supportive housing, yes, we need more shelter. >>and we also need to focus on what we call prevention and diversion or problem solving. >>which helps people at the
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moment of housing crisis to not come into the system and end up chronically homeless, you know years later there's also the issue of substance abuse and mental illness among. >>a smaller but more visual percentage of the homeless population supervisors are already talking about beating up funding in those areas the state is defunded many efforts. >>to to care for people was lost a lot of work and care capacity, locally. we have not been able to expand their substance use treatment that's over the last 20 years, so our least not significantly. and so there's a lot of places where additional investment would help supervise them and the man is also supporting more controversial legislation. >>which would allow up to a year's conservatorship for those with the severest problems when it comes to addiction and mental health issues. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>opening statements rapped up today and oakland's ghost ship warehouse fire trial. we take a look at the defense
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strategies for this trial. >>taking too much time in costing too much money top officials responding today to the latest update on the california high-speed rail projects plus we get an exclusive sit-down was one of the 2020 democratic
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>>washington governor jay inslee is one of 21 presidential candidates on the democratic side in the 2020
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race for the white house he made a stop in the bay area today and kron force michelle kingston sat down one on one with him before an event she has the story from mountain view. >>washington governor jay inslee spoke to a packed a room on wednesday telling them why he thinks he is the best candidate for presidency. he says his main priority is focusing on climate change we need a president who will make defeating climate change is the number one job of the next administration when i am uniquely the candidate who is saying that it. >>nice to be the first foremost and paramount duty of the united states and i i i firmly believe that is washington governor jay inslee is one of 21 democratic presidential candidate said he stopped by the silicon valley community foundation on wednesday kicking off their road to the white house down hall of i think our nation needs a executive who has had actual success rather than just rhetoric. >>you know talking about
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things is one thing getting it done is another bid to turn washington governor was born and raised in seattle and has been a frequent critic of president donald trump while climate change is is number one priority is also passionate about raising the minimum wage and paid family wage increases for educators and building a clean energy economy. he didn't name a few. >>we believe in innovation is the driving force for our economy and we need to have a president who understands that innovation is a driving force in our economy he says he understands the bay area's issues of rising housing costs homelessness and drugs as well we have to get on top of the homelessness crisis that has affected multiple places, including the very including some of the communities in my state work. if you have people moving into your state as we do you've got to build more housing. and the south bay michaud kings didn't kron 4 >>we're getting a first a look at the updated plan for california's controversial high speed rail project
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officials are now asking for more money and more time to get it done the reworked plan follows governor gavin newsom's request for changes to the embattled project project update shows the rail lines from bakersfield to mar said will be ready by 2028 with the construction cost increase of one billion. the authority plans to phase in los angeles and san francisco, but the update shows the project has no money committed nor appropriated after the year 2030 assemblyman jim patterson is calling on the governor to stop funding for the project. >>and making it up as they go along they have no idea what they are doing let alone 9 years from this is and trust operation that i think has lost all credibility. >>before the report's release governor newsom said that he was not ready to comment the governor said that he would
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make himself available for questions but his office staff says that they're not sure when that will happen. >>opening statements rapped up today and oakland's ghost ship warehouse fire trial and defense attorneys for the 2 men on trial reveal their strategy alleging that the fire was no accident but intentionally set. >>force has the ideal was in court today and has this >>we now know what defense attorneys will say the evidence will show to prove the 2 defendants are not responsible the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. >>we very strongly believe this was arson fire. >>at least 10 people participated in our hearts and a case of arson. >>that was the theme of the defense's opening statements on behalf of derick almena and next hair is here at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland. the 2 each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of 36 people who died in the fire while attending a music event at go ship back on december second
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2016. made his defense attorney tony serra told the court that witnesses will say they heard popping sounds and saw several men running from the rear of the ghost ship right before the fire be is and i outlined the reasons and they have been in touch with respect to the arson. >>and we have witnesses in respect to the arson and out that was something that he could not prepare for the defense attorney for max harris curtis briggs says opened fire investigators did not pursue the arson daigle never followed up on even one lead. >>for one interview, however, oakland fire officials say following an extensive investigation and evidence collected by the atf, the open fire department released a 50 page report listing the cause of the fire as and determined that that's for the prosecution, the opening statements painted a hopeless picture for those attending the go shipping that that night telling the jury that there was no notice, no side and no exit when the fire
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occurred and that the warehouse was a death trap filled with flammable objects from floor to ceiling the prosecution also described the mast attended derick as someone willing to cut corners in terms of making the building safe for people to live in the trial resumes monday the prosecution will call its first witness is the defense attorneys say they expect the trial to last at least 2 months. it opened as menu ground for news. >>the mississippi river is flooding into communities in iowa, illinois and missouri in davenport, iowa downtown streets were under water after the river broke through a temporary barrier now city administrators are scrambling to tryo reinforce barriers ahead of even. >>more rain our chief meteorologist lazcano is here now with a look at when those tiles could see that water recede, it looks like it's going to i think we're talking weeks, i mean we've got a long way to go that snow still melting they had an incredible amount of snow. they're of course now we're starting to warm up a look at this map you can see the flooding in the
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red there like veins running across the united states stretching all the way up. >>from a near chicago right down and who in through a louisiana, the mighty mississippi in all the tributaries along that look at all the flooding that is occurring all along this area. so you start with flooding up to the north and all that water continues to drain into that river basin can did you load up the flooding just continues all along that point and will do so on this is not to mention that we're going to see more storms rolling through the likely exacerbate some of the flooding over the next few weeks and maybe a couple months here before all that water begins to drain out. outside right now is that hazy conditions that fog trying to form along the coastline were seen a couple patches right now temperatures. they jumped a bit today with some good news. if you like the sunshine, the warmer weather is up 1011 degrees warmer than yesterday. so some nice temperatures were yesterday, many of these numbers were below average today most of them above average 71 degrees today in oakland 75 in san jose 76 for high and live more almost 80 in concord 77 in santa rosa, and just below theverage of 60 in san francisco. tonight
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we are going to see a couple of patches low clouds and fog into the bay tomorrow, mostly sunny and warm again. and then this week and there's a slight chance we could see a few showers around the bay area but doesn't look like a whole lot going for about that tonight to some patchy fog redeveloping along the coastline cool up toward the beaches in the 50's there still some 60's almost 70 degrees in concord umbrella right now so very nice evening. every head out the door the far will begin to increase here over the next couple of hours pushing inside the bay and you can see much are some stars and clouds that look like to make its way all the way to the valley so should be a nice evening ahead tomorrow looks to be even more we'll have more on that coming up a few minutes. >>thank you lines also coming up, bart's internal investigation into oscar grant shooting unsealed. what it reveals about that night 10 years later. >>a mission on the international space station takes a dark turn. the reason the arrival of a space x supply ship has ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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>>nasa says the international space station crew is not in any danger despite a problem with the power supply the agency says part of the station went dark monday. the problems a piece of hardware routing power from solar panels into the space station. crew members managed to make a temporary fix in the station is running on 75% of its power. the cruel work into tomorrow to replace that broken piece of hardware. the power problem has postponed the arrival of a space x supply ship that was supposed to be launched from florida today. nasa is now hoping to
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launch it on friday. >>well if you think sunrise and sunset are beautiful at the beach look at this view from mars nasa's insight. lander ca these spectacular images from the red planet on april the 24th and 25th. the space agency put out the images into formats wrong and color corrected. the raw version show more detail but the color corrected images are closer to how the human eye would see them. pretty amazing. it's a mars right. >>boy band fans rejoice year ago, pam, the jonas brothers bask together going on tour when they're playing in the bay area and we'll tell you when their new album is expected to be released. >>california and a wet winter we all know that a new projection say we're in for a heavy
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>>is here and this year, there's yet another new worry to suggest that this season is going to be another bad was after talking with calfire kron four dropped tells us it's all about the grass. >>looking at the fuel for what is expected to be another very busy fire season in california. a heavy grass crop as much as 5 times heavier than normal has developed across the state and should elevate fire potential as it drives through the summer says cal fire division chief jim cross those those grass feels really are the ones that are the initiator of most of the large fires that we have and
8:30 pm
so. >>they can easily get to an area where there are homes they move very fast in a large fire very quickly. >>crawford says late spring rain between periods of sunshine made for an unusually long growing season for annual grasses and weeds caltrans another public works crews have been busy mowing here along highway one to one in san jose and across the bay area waist-high an extra 6. the heavy grass makes for a hotter. more dangerous fires says crawford. >>it really is a game changer because. the amount of effort that it takes to extinguish the fire that's in that area is much greater. it's harder to penetrate through that dense material as opposed to something that's more thin and wispy at one to 2 times per acre, so it'll take more resources. it will take more time and more personnel to be able to accomplish the same thing you would accomplish. in a year where we have one or 2 tenants one to 2 times a rash per acre would be a typical year this year cal fire says it's more like. >>5 tons per acre. it's and
8:31 pm
martine kron 4 news. now the 4 zone forecast as we take a look outside at food on a bridge will sectors a little bit clouds hanging over the towers a lawrence is here ahead at the 4 zone forecast a little rough he's about 6 feet of me that was a tall grass over there. we've got to be very very careful. the months ahead here so yeah fire season definite going to be the issue we're headed into that range right now as things have dried out a little bit around the bay area c that fog along the coastline. >>right now get over the top of the hills there the marine headland we'll see more of that tonight but not a ton of it so tomorrow we're off and running with some nice weather again. i think we're talking 70's in oakland 76 degrees in san jose about 59 degrees but sunny in san francisco. now this is where it gets interesting high pressure overhead right now, but the meat that we've got this area of low pressure this what call a cut off low is going to undercut that ridge of high pressure and slowly work its way toward the bay area now tomorrow looks good friday
8:32 pm
looks good the weekendystar see a little bit iffy and here it comes. we as i say get it is because the forecast models do not handle these very well if this were to jog just to the north a little bit we could be talking about some rain in the bay area some showers into sunday and maybe some lingering showers into monday to so we have to keep our eye on that as we head into the next couple of days so this out playoff though for tomorrow looks like a nice day temperatures in the 50's and the 60's into san francisco about 50 degrees in daly city some patchy fog along the coastline giving way to some sunshine and if i'm more sunshine inside the bay, it's warmer temperatures to 68 in san mateo 72 in palo alto mid 70's into the south bay them we're starting to sneak in a couple a tie-in to live more tomorrow about 75 in dublin about 78 walnut creek 80 and conquer 71 in oakland and 67 degrees in san leandro north they going to be nice and warm away from the coastline but out to the beaches only about 60 it's into beach about 65 degrees in mill valley about 76 degrees in santa rosa. next couple days staying pretty nice outside then we cool things down with a slight chance of showers on sunday.
8:33 pm
thank you lawrence in unsealed report on bart's internal investigation into the deadly shooting of oscar grant. >>is shedding some new light on the case and grant's family attorney says it confirms what he knew all along and we have obtained a copy of that independent internal in the affairs investigation into the shooting of oscar grant. how forcefully to go shares what we learned in that report. >>7 months after the deadly 2009 shooting of oscar grant in oakland based law firm completed a 144 page independent internal affairs investigation into the new year's day incident at the fruitvale bart station several bar passengers captured former bart police officer johannes mehserle lee shooting grant in the back that night and killing him, but the report says it was another officer that helped fuel the situation. police were responding to a train operator notifying dispatch that a group of black men were fighting on the train and that there were no weapons involved 7 officers showed up as early and officer anthony peroni the
8:34 pm
report alleges chaos and pandemonium in the minutes leading up to the shooting. the report says quote the evidence shows that officer peroni in particular by his conduct and inappropriate verbal statements contributed substantially to the escalation of the vote, i'll atmosphere on the platform, there was no weapons. >>no one any weapons they should elect those kids go. but he chose not to and as a consequence of that he created a consummate the hospital and the rest of the boys as firm as early as defense that he intended to use his taser and not his gun. >>the report says the conclusion can be made from a close viewing of the enhanced video. >>that he was intending to pull his firearm and not his taser as he can be seen trying to draw it at least 2 times and on the final occasion can be seen looking back at his hands on the gun holster to watch the gun come out at the time of the shooting the video clearly depicts oscar grant with 2 hands on his back in the handcuffing position
8:35 pm
deadly force was not justified under the circumstances closed quote attorney john burris represented the grant family in their civil case against martin john is medically. >>i always thought that his claim that he meant to use his taser but contrived defense messerli was eventually found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and not guilty of second-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter. >>in response to the report park says quote since the tragedy. >>bart and its police department of work diligently to ensure that officers received the proper training. support and oversight necessary to respond appropriately and effectively to challenging situations. bart adds that messerli did serve time in prison for his role in the shooting. >>and that former officer anthony peroni was terminated soon after the investigation was finalized. fleet of all
8:36 pm
kron 4 news. still ahead are learning more about the victims of yesterday's shooting at the university of north carolina charlotte, including the young man who put himself in harm's way to protect others. >>and lucy lu got a star on the walk of fame today, the special surprise or [ dramatic orchestral music ]
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[ announcer ] tiger woods. [ tap of the putt ] expect anything different? [ waves crashing ] probably the most important shot dustin johnson has ever hit right here. [ crowd cheering ] what a gem! now keopka, down there into the wind. [ club thwacking ] how about that? back to back united states opens.
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[ tense elegant music ] just awesome. >>an armed with a pistol opens
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fire on the final day of classes yesterday at the university of north carolina at charlotte, killing 2 people leaving 4 others injured the suspect is in custody, but tonight we're learning more about the victims scrapped lotus joins us in the studio with more on remarkable story of a hero. >>indeed a guy who just ran right at the shooter, according to reports, no and this is a tweet right after the shooting from the university's office of emergency management. it is basically telling students what to do it says secure, yourselves immediately. and run and hide and if you have to fight tonight, we're learning more about that one student who did in fact flight 21 year-old riley, how is one of the victims who passed away in yesterday's tragedy, according to police. he charged the gunman knocking him off his feet something that eventually helped police arrest the suspect about 30 other students were in that classroom at the time. and how's actions almost certainly help save lives. how had spent time working out with first
8:40 pm
responders and had aspirations of serving in the military are becoming a firefighter. in a statement house family said he always stood up for what he believed in and did not hesitate to help people in need. police in charles city officials addressed the shooting today at a press conference. >>we don't sit. we don't wait. we go. and we're going to go to the assailant. and that's exactly what they did. >>probably how doing exactly what was going on. did exactly what we train people to do. unfortunately. he gave his life in the process. but his sacrifice save lives. >>the other student who died yesterday 19 year-old ellis parley are he is described by friends as being intelligent empathetic caring passionate just a great friend and a great resource. he won awards for his technology skills while in high school and continued his passion studying computer engineering in
8:41 pm
college there were also for people who are injured. we mentioned 3 of them are still in critical condition tonight. camp and back to you. >>coming up it's more to look back at how golden state defended home-court advantage will hear from the warriors on a 2 nothing series lead an
8:42 pm
8:43 pm
>>in the south bay today, san jose police and city officials
8:44 pm
on or the dozen officers who lost their lives in the line of duty for charles clifford was at the ceremony. well here in san jose on wednesday, the police department held its annual service to honor. >>officers who have fallen in the line of duty. well since 1933 12 san jose officers have died while serving. the first was john bock back in 1933 the last was officer michael katherine in 2016 who died in a traffic accident. now at today's service there were family members of those fallen officers also san jose mayor sam liccardo spoke along with san jose police department chief eddie garcia. >>for all of us. >>the dedicated to continue. the noble work. the big cat. it was or. i'm grateful for those put on the every single morning. every back today is a reminder of would sacrificing.
8:45 pm
>>the pain that comes with losing a brother sister officer cannot be measured. and to the call bravely freely probably. >>today service also featured a bell ringing ceremony, 21 gun salute and the flags here at police headquarters were lowered to half staff. so far in 2019 35 police officers have been killed in the line of duty nationwide. in san jose charles clifford kron 4 news. >>it was a charlie's angels movie reunion in hollywood on wednesday today actress lucy lu was honored with a star on the walk of fame. she was recognized for her television career including her starring role over 6 seasons on the cbs crime drama elementary. the move was joined by her angels co-star to barrymore and cameron diaz, lou credits robert doherty the creator of elementary for helping turn the tide for her as an asian woman in hollywood. >>sometimes people talk about my mainstream successes as
8:46 pm
groundbreaking for an asian. but asians have been making movies for a long time. they just weren't making them here. because we weren't yet invited to the table. >>lou was also recognized for her work on alley mcbeal and southland. >>a newlywed san francisco couple looking to move out of the city to a quiet place in the north bay and they find their perfect home in napa well. >>they get more than they bargained for david daniel takes a look at a new movie taking place right here in the bay area called the intruder. >>conversation we had a mammogram in the house i'm in now. >>ealy and making good get more than a house in the intruder. my great great grandfather built this awesome. the only house i ever lived, dennis quaid is the seller a widower who has a tough time letting go and i couldn't believe >>did you just get this out of that's right. what happened
8:47 pm
florida that the company. >>that could really have to have good versus evil and dennis quaids performance. pretty much personifies evil. he isn't credible villain. the house still belongs. >>and also complex you now it's not just one thing there's so many layers to it that makes it you can almost even kind of understand where they're coming from if you lost everything. >>don't just lock your doors changed the locks. for fans of the jonas brothers and there are so many of them happiness is beginning the band just announced dates for their happiness begins tour. the
8:48 pm
trio will make a stop in san francisco on october 8 at the chase center. it's the first headline tour for the band and almost a decade, their comeback album also called happiness begins will be out on june 7th, special guests on the tour include. help me out here can be direct i'll know. ok and jordan. mcgraw i'm just too old for this stuff. >>well starting today with the warriors in a series that was projected to be back and forth but so far the chance of dell with more problems from the 8 seed clippers than the rockets, let's go back t gave to a matchup they gave us some alarming news early on steph curry left in the 1st quarter after dislocating his left middle finger. come back and upper 20 points then james are forced to leave after getting swept across the face by draymond green that left him with a cut above his left eye in return, but said he could barely see all game indications are he will be fine going for it. and 2nd
8:49 pm
half rockets all around with a chance to strong went on a 12 to run in the final minutes. kevin, duran a team-high 29 points katie on his strong outing and dream on a loving the minimal cheddar about the rest. >>i love how stay poised to it all you know i think we've been we only was able to do that because we were going for serious you know so. glad that who was able finish on home, we know these guys even more that their creative thoughts on the road even more dangerous car embarrassing for the game of basketball. how much has been talked about lot follows an officiating light. what about the new man stop and no one talked anything about schemes last 2 days fall costs i think. bowties which is locked in or coming out of planning a bus or bill and a guard your credit to both close a bowl teams. the >>game 3 saturday in houston also want to mention tonight, portland, not it up their series with denver now in the
8:50 pm
nhl, that league waste no time rolling to their post season, the sharks back on the ice tomorrow with an opportunity to leave colorado up 3 one san jose looked sharp last night a 4, 2, victory, thanks to trick for logan couture since 2010 his 43 playoff goals is second in the league just behind alex, ovechkin the key now not following of >>you play to cs for. >>now to some baseball a's on a nightmare road trip where they can't seem to win away from the coliseum we go to fenway days in the series finale with the sox i get up at the top the second signs of life from the a's lowrie on a base hit to right the oakland strikes, first ones in the bottom of the 4th mitch moreland dial the jack yesterday back for more opposite field over the green
8:51 pm
monster mike fires pulled after giving up 3 runs through 5 a's fall, 7, 3, they have now lost 6 in a row yet to win on this trip. next to stop finally the raiders hit with some bad news long before the season even begins just running back isaiah crowell the former jet inside the team this ffseason. >>reportedly tore his achilles during a workout today expected to be done for the year indications are the raiders they be looking into resigning doug martin to go along with new for some people. jacobs camp and that she'll get sports all right, thank you. martin. >>millennials are spending record numbers on their path that the reason for the increase and the most common item people are willing to pay top dollar for. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
8:52 pm
man 1: mine... ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure.
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>>he suggested children can be reliably diagnosed with autism earlier than what's now recommended autism is a spectrum disorder that can affect social skills behavior and communication abilities. current guidelines, state that children can start being screens during regular doctor visits between 1824 months of age but in a new study just published autism detection and diagnosis can start with high accuracy of just 14 months old. researchers say that could lead to children with having with autism having the opportunity to start therapies sooner. doctors say earlier intervention may increase or skills by the time they're
8:55 pm
going to school. america's obsession was pets is reaching historic levels, according to just-released industry figures, americans are spending more on pets than ever before and millennials can likely take credit for those record high numbers, sales in 2018 top $72 billion, the majority of those dollars are going to pet food higher price premium dog food with designer ingredients made up the most popular food purchased. so why are pet owners dishing out more money. more people own pets than ever before and apparently they're treating them more like their own little four-legged children. >>star wars fans can try to book a trip to galaxies far far away on thursday morning. that's when disneyland resort in anaheim california starts taking reservations for its new star wars themed bar, their reservations will be available online starting at 8 o'clock in the morning, our time of course at 11:00am eastern. the widely anticipated theme park star wars galaxies and opens on may
8:56 pm
31th, but reservations will be required only if you plan a visit up until june, the 25th so plan on standing in line. >>yes. so from 4 news tonight at 8 from lotus to make it kids are here with kron 4 news at night, this is excited about way that some sensible shoes to be standing in line and coming up next is 9 everybody, a bay area family. >>actually not feeling safe in their own home who they say is trying to force them out of their home even out of their neighborhood plus a san francisco archdiocese is getting sued. >>by a man from southern california. his effort to hold all priests linked to sexual-assault responsible also may day rallies happening around the world today here from demonstrators who took part in the bay area. their message to improve working and living conditions for everyone and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has are warming 4 zone forecast kron 4 news at 9 is next.
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
>>fighting for the rights of immigrants and workers that is the message behind made a see a lot of folks out holding signs. thanks for joining us tonight, everyone i'm grant lotus if you will kiss this is one of many demonstrations held around the bay area and
9:00 pm
the country today. >>but first the on is live in concord where they held a demonstration there gayle. >>making ran several groups representing workers organize the demonstration in concord today they are protesting what many people are concerned about bay area housing. here in congress may days about 10 rights and the future of the city. are you part for there in time following up. >>our families they need how seen kuffar the housing a lot of them, they weren't ht and without any reason. well the holidays known as international workers day. >>calling for the rights of immigrants and workers. these demonstrators are calling on city council to pass the red control in concord it's


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